Meshroom Importer


(Tibicen) #1


Blender importer of AliceVision Meshroom datafiles: cameras, images, sparse pointcloud and obj’s.

Basic implementation of meshroom importer. If you have sphisticated node three it will use only the first nodes from the file. It is just a sketch, can be buggy. :slight_smile:
Addon assumes you did compute each stages/nodes, and the output is same.


Just download the whole git and install zip inside Blender.
Important note: For sparse point cloud to import you should change in StructurefromMotion node output: Inter File Extension to .ply format.
File > Import > Import Meshroom or [F3] Import Meshroom. Then select Meshroom working file .mg.


  • Imports Views {StructureFromMotion}
    • imports images if use undisorted then uses node {PrepareDenseScene}
    • creates cameras
  • Imports Sparse point cloud {StructureFromMotion}
  • Imports Dense mesh (instead of dense point cloud) {Meshing}
  • Imports textured mesh {Texturing}

Additional option: by searching [F3] for Meshroom update cameras, you can copy settings from active camera to all meshroom cameras.


  • seach through node tree and give option which elements import;
  • if node is not computed then put some info about it;
  • use undisorted images;
  • use of different images with different sizes. (!)


Big thanks to Jakub Uhlik @carbon2 for sharing Point Cloud Visualizer to view point clouds in the addon BA thread.

(Nitram_2000) #2

Thanks for this. I started playing with Meshroom last week and I love it. The results are stunning. This will be added to my tool belt for sure.

(Tibicen) #3

It is still early work ( small error for now is that undistorted doesn’t do anything, will fix that on the weekend ;{ )

(Nitram_2000) #4

Anything that helps to bring these pieces of software together is a plus in my book :+1:t2: