Mesh's don't deform in pose mode; do w/ object armiture move


I just started blender (2.33) and have an animation problem. I have parented a mesh to an armature (once using closest bone and once by using vertix groups).

Now when I move the armiture in pose mode, the mesh doesn’t deform, but when I switch to object mode and grab the armature and press “G” to move it, all mesh deformations properly occur.

What am I doing wrong?


That is very weird, I must say. Never heard of this happening.

Can you upload a blend file so we can have a look?


yeah, the mesh should move with the SELECTED [aqua?] bones

try rotating them

when you move the mesh, not the armature, things get messed up [looks really weird] particularly if the mesh is posed

are you sure you’re really in pose-mode (bones blue) and not in edit mode (bones pink)?

I tryed again and the mesh want move until leaving pose mode. I am in pose mode (the skeleton is aqua).

It works correctly when I do a new file without complex meshes or skeleton, so I must have a graphics card or memory problem. My video card has been crashing a lot, causing my monitor to go black, making me restart my computer.

I guess I need to upgrade.

thanks anyway,