Mess with layer arrangement in compositing

Hi to everyone! I am a newby to Blender and as it’s used to be i met some problems at production. After watching some tutorials i made some simple animation, however at compositing stage i can’t make it work as it should. I try to add blur effect for text, but i can’t find out how to arrange it properly. For example when …hmm… red object is over text, then blurr effect is glowing through that, what is wrong. In this .blend file and video, blur effect is behind everything, what is wrong, too. Can’t find a proper solution at my own. Hope someone helps. Anyway thanks, at least for reading this =D!

ps. when you’ll run .blend or watch video in slow motion you’ll understand what i mean

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Perhaps using a mask layer to mask the numbers would be more straightforward way.

dadi_backup_other_ja12.blend (1.02 MB)

If you want to composite with a sky it’s advisable to put it on it’s own render layer else it causes all sorts of problems with alpha. Z-Combine node is NEVER compatible with alpha effects like your blur. Note how I set an alpha channel with your blurred text. I re-attached your file properly configured below the image.

Z-Combine, loosely stated, is a rather crude method of trying to accomplishing the transaction. As long as you’re working solely in Blender there aren’t any instances that come to mind where I would EVER use that node. It’s really designed for inserting new renders into previously rendered footage or combining two pieces of previously rendered footage so that the one can be inserted somewhere into the depth of the other.


dadi_backup_other.blend (1.22 MB)

Thank both of you for your effort and quick response. I checked both solutions and @JA12 solution is not only easier, but it also works as i need. I provide this example to show what i mean:

@RamboBaby solution is cool, but for newbie - too cool ;D

and @JA12 straightforward solution works like a charm

Anyway, great job!:cool:

Upshot: “Problem solved!!” Schweet!

“Shrink-wrap that S.O.B., and ship it!” :wink:

Typically I just use the “All Z” function and am done with it but I wasn’t sure what else you wanted to do with this file because it looks like you’re just getting started with it. All Z saves render time and post compositing memory because objects which are partially obscured by another render layer already render as being masked and, therefore, no mask is required.

Yeap, i was thinking about that, but i cant find how to do that :spin:

Oh, i didnt know that. Thanks again! And you are right i just get started with it…