Message actuator of char not to itself

How can I make a message actuator (maybe in python) not to send the message to itself, because there’s an actuator on that same object responding to that message. I can’t put a destinatary because the char with this settings are may in the scene.

Well… usually you could use Python, and that’d be the BEST solution.

A weird workaround you could use would be based off of the way messages are sent/processed. If a message actuator is activated, it’s not until the next logictic that other objects can receive that message. For example, if a message is sent on “tic 1” (when the game engine first starts) then objects can’t receive it until “tic 2”.

When you send your message, you could set a property called “sent” to 1. Now use a property sensor in addition to your message sensor using an AND controller. If it’s the one that sent the message, then its “sent” property will be 1, otherwise it’ll be 0. Your property sensor should look to see if “sent” is equal to 0.

it’s a workaround, but it seems like (from your post) you don’t know Python. I’d highly recommend learning it.


I’ve start learning python some days ago, but I don’t still no which module and then syntax to use for this.

I tried, it doesn’t function, can you take a look? This is a file wit to cubes supposing to rotate 120 KB

No ideas? Pls :smiley:

  1. Don’t use floats for simple things like that… the Blender Property actuator has issues with checking = on Floats. Change both to either integer or boolean and it seems to work fine.
  2. You only have true pulse enabled on ONE of the cubes… if that’s what youw ant, fine, but I doubt it is.
  3. You’re not ever disabling the property, so once an object has sent the message it can never receive it again ever. Disable the property either with an inverted keyboard sensor (for when the key isn’t pressed) or just use a “NAND” sensor hooked up to the current keyboard sensor.