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I am trying to step though some basic AI logic and I would like to have a ‘sensor’ object send a message to another specific object. I am for now limited to using logic bricks, but if this proves impossible I would be happy exploring a py solution, although I want to keep things (for now) as simple as possible.

What I am running into however, is some conflicting information on how the ‘message’ actuator works. In the game logic documentation ( it states that the ‘To:’ refers to objects with a specific property. The popup help, however, specifies that it is for sending messages to objects with the ‘name’ in the ‘To:’ field.

What make things more confusing is that neither appears to work. Am I just setting things up wrong, or is this actuator not functioning as designed?

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Message Sensors and Actuators are really useful to “pass data” between
different scenes
In the same scene you can select different objects and link them “directly”.
Probably better?!
Anyway here’s a way to make them work:
Object A
Sensor (ex:collision) -> AND -> Message Actuator - Subject: foo
Object B
Message Sensor - subject: foo -> AND -> Motion Actuator - Drot: 0, 0, 1

The message actuator uses the complete object name in the “To:” field. That means it must be preceded by “OB” e.g. OBCube.

If there is no entry in that field the message is passed to all objects.

The field “Subject:” can be used to filter messages within an message sensor.

The field “Body:” can have any text or the value of a property. You can toggle between text and property mode by pressing the T/P button.

That’s exactly what I was looking for, Monster, thank you!

Where is the complete object name stored, or are all objects preceded by ‘OB’?