Message Actuator

So, I made a simple game kinda like battle front in that NPCs run down the field on two sides and attack each other when they are near. Anyway, when one good guy hits a bad guy, all bad guys take damage. Its because the message goes out to everyone and when the good guy attacks and collides with the property bad guy all who recieve the message which is for bad guys to take damage. I tried sending the message to just one, but then you can only ever attack one guy. Is there a way to have the attacker only target one guy, or send the message to only one close by bad guy? Sorry, if I make no sense. And Thanks.

Nevermind. Figured it out. Thanks.

how did you fix it? because i have just had the same problem. thanks

oh i just got on and since i spent the whole night on blender i couldn’t see the sensors weren’t connected lol