Message Body

This seems to be a pretty common problem, which there are many solutions. I cant seem to figure it out however.

I just need one object to send a message, then another object in scene2 to receive that, extract the message, and body… manipulate the body a bit, then send it to update the “text” game property to be displayed.

I would post the code I have so far… but nothing I have tried really works yet.

I dont really want to use other modules and things because… this is all it will do, and I dont want to add extra overhead.

If you have any suggestions, or good links to tutorials on this, please share.

I found this so far

propList = obj.getPropertyNames()
                 txtProp = propList[0]

Cant seem to find anything like txtProp.setPropertyValue(500)

This is the best I have found so far, but I cant get the actuator to execute.

def main():

    cont = bge.logic.getCurrentController()
    sens1 = cont.sensors['msgListener']    
    msg = sens1.bodies
    act = cont.actuators["txtProp"]
     if sens1.positive:
        act.value = msg[0]

To activate the actuator:


Nice… nice… it works. TYVM. I might be able to sleep now, lol.