Message sensor linked with another sensor?

hi all,
i cant figure out a way to link another sensor with the Message sensor to the same controller,i tried using expressions such as sensor1 && sensor2 = True or And instead but still no luck…
i kind of found a workaround which is not actually a workaround and i think prolly ppl do the same,ok so the idea was:

when i pick the gun on the floor the character bends down and grab it then the gun loot dissapears and an actual gun appears on his hands…it looks easy so far ok…i just gave the gun loot a name property which sounds obvious to say “Gun” hehehe then added 2 sensors one when i press F button and other when its near to the gun loot ,connected them to the same controller and added a end object act…so afterwards i gave the actual gun a name property like GunPicked then added a first sensor which was a property so i put in the name field “GunPicked” and value equal to 1 then the gun turns visible on his hands…so in other words,if the GunPicked has a value of 1 then make it visible ,so in order to trigger the Add a value ,i created other 2 sensors ,one when i press F and other when im near to the gun loot then i set an actuator to add a value of 1 after that the gun goes visible on his hands…but what i really wanted was to make the gun dissapear when the character is pushing a box and when he leaves the box, the gun comes back on his hands,so the next step was basically say that when the GunPicked has a value of 1 and its close to the box then it comes invisible ,and added the same two sensors but set it to Inv(inverted) …now everything works perfectly the way i want…
but i was wondering if theres any easier way to accomplish that? like sending a message of something like that?
Thanks in advance,

I would think that creates problems that the gun disappears before you actually touch the box…

What I would do is set it up so that when “Gun-Picked” = 1 and player has collision with the box then it disappears.

If he wants to jump on top of the box then we cant have that happen, so we need to create another that when “Gun-Picked” is not equal to 1 and a ray on the +Z axis with an inverted controller.

I know this isn’t what you asked, but I think this will fix future problems

Woww thanks man ,that came pretty handy tho :smiley: thats like a really welcome help actually !
well takingt advantage of ur kindness :smiley: i would like to know hot to the bones take action only when it collides with the floor(with “floor” prop)? thats been giving me a really hard time that i even kinda gave up on it for a while and moved on to other physics tests!