Messages and Mesh Replacement

Ok After searching the forums and yahoo for the past few hours useing every combantion of words I can think of and feeling that the answer is very simple and I just can’t find it. Can any one tell me how to or direct me to the answer.

I’m trying to set up a a charcter changer for my rpg and thought that by haveing a Message sent from one scene to an empty or mesh on another scence that would replace the mesh object with the proper character mesh would work. Before you get to that scene with the charachter mesh I placed another scene which will have some other options before takeing you to the scene with the problem. (Trying to be as thourgh as possible here) When It finnally gets to my problem scene instead of the Mesh being replaced I still have that annoying white plane staring me in my face rather then my character mesh. I have tried setting the mesh on diffrent layers of the scene, checked back to make sure all the sensors and what not are hooked up right, and failing any of that to be the problem set the message reciever to a keyboard command (which works but Won’t give me the desired result of useing the overlay menu to choose the character)
Can some one please tell me why this isn’t working properly. Or any suggestions to make the character selection set up.

Hope I was thourgh enough with out being to thourgh :stuck_out_tongue:
P.s. If you would like to see the blend file let me know I’ll have to use e-mail as I’m currently running low on web-space.

okay, message actuators with to fields aren’t exactly a known science (from what I have heard)

second, what setup do you have from recieving the message to changing the mesh?

is there a guarntee that other scene is actually running when the message is sent?

Ok I have it set up like this where you are suppouse to chose the Race of your charater.

Keyboard-And- (Scene-SetScene) (Message-Subject: ###)

On the next Scene where you chose a starting Town it’s set like this
Keyboard-and- Set Scene

Then it takes you to the problem scene currently with the empty set up like this.
Message-Subject:###-And-Edit Object-Replace Mesh

I thought the fact that I’d started the intial scene with an overlay scene was resbonsible (It wasn’t), And have tried everything I could think of or find online to do.

How can I know if that scene is in effect when the message is sent?
I read something about a delay on the Logic Bricks but it semi went over my head at that moment Could that be whats wrong?

so you message is sent the same pulse you change the scene?

since logicbricks are evalutated top to bottom it could be that your message was never sent

I guess I have to play with logicbricks and such

and now I have

simple setup really, two scenes one named Scene the other named two

object in first scene

keyboard sensor ---- and controller ----- message sensor: subject Moo
 space                              \____ Set Scene actuator, to scene "two"

object in other scene

message sensor ---- and controller ---- edit object, set mesh Actuator
 subj: Moo

I think the problem may be that you have the set scene actuator above the message one. Minimize one actuator with the button on the right, then double click on it and choose to move it. But after playing with it that doesn’t appear to be your problem

I guess now I am more confused

I May Just have to put the options all in the same scene and switch the camera around to the proper mesh when you pick it or replace the text with the Mesh I want. Leave it to me to try and make a complex game with out trying my hand at something smaller first. Maybe I should but my game on hold and make a mini game of some kind for it to practice with the message sensors and Python scripting?