Messages, HELP!!

(Blender_owl) #1

Hello everyone. Im trying to create a scanner object (Like in Metriod Prime for the GC). When the player fires his scanner at an object that object gives the scanner a description of it self, and then is displayed.
Sofar what i have is a scanner and a box. The scanner shoots out an invisible bullet. When an object gets hit with this bullet it sends a message to the scanner. In the Body of the message is a desciption of the object. So when the scanner recieves the message i need it get the body of the message it recieved and store it in a variable.
The problem is that i cant get the body of a message that has been sent.
Please help.

(saluk) #2

Helping you out buddy, on da irc!

(Blender_owl) #3

Thanks Saluk. I apperciate the help.