Messages? Why don't they work for me?

I’m trying to make my own logic brick AI. My problem is that I’m trying to get the Predator object to send a message to the Look object that will make the Look object follow the Prey object. But… the look object isn’t reacting to the message. You should probably be able to figure out what’s supposed to be happening. The things with the green material and no material are simply things to help you see where the cube is. The green object marks out the general area of the near sensor.

Oh yeah… LINKEY!

Thanks BA!

Okay. The main reason -I haven’t looked at your file yet - but the To field in the message sensor is broken, but you can go around it. What you have to do is write OB"Object." So if I wanted to send a message to an empty, write OBEmpty. Make sense?

It’s broken? Hehe. Well… tried it. Still not working. I even tried doing a broadcast and it didn’t work. Would you mind just looking at the file? Thanks though. Good to know it’s broken lol.


Help? Anyone?

i haven’t looked at the file do you have a sensor on the recviving obj? Also do you have a subject?

Umm, yessir, that was your problem. Your thing sends to object Look. It needs to send it to OBLook. The other problem may be that your near sensor is not set up correctly…

ok, take out ‘To Look’ from your message actuator, then make sure ‘Actor’ is checked for the red guy, THEN on your near sensor, turn on pulse for true (the ‘’’ thing)

i think that produces your desired results…

Eep… sigh How to fix… how to fix… thanks TRH!

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