messed up actions.

WTF?! I made this funny animation.
I have 2 actions, I made one for the lipsync, then another one to create the other motions,
when I do alt a in the viewport both these animations play at the same time, I don’t really see why, I haven’t dug into the nla yet besides the bsod character stuff waaaaaaaay back…
now I render a movie, and I find out somehow the lipsync has been sped up! its no longer sync, it ends before the audio does!!! I check it in the 3d viewport and this is true?
what could I have done to have this messed up, and more importantly how can I fix it!
This is really pissing me off. finally some time to kill on an evening, made something funny, and as soon as its done, it’s all messed up!! I’m tired, angry and really too bloody fed up now to check it step by step… it was just a spontanious exercise… DAMN it.

screenshot of the NLA editor would help here. blend file would be good too.
sorry, no genius suggestions off the top of my head for me.

I’ll post screens when I get home then, provided I get home in time. Blend file, I will post one in the other thread with the rig once I’ve cleaned everything in it up enough.
I was really angry yesterday, kinda not so much right now.
I don’t know how usefull the screens will be, since I didn’t do anything in NLA, I just enabled the IPOs to action, so that I could key shapekeys in the action editor. I made a new action called lipsync, started the lipsync stuff, then I made a new action with the regular pose animations. During that time when I made the second animation, I may have switched
off the shape option in the ipo window, and turned it back on afterwards.
I’ll just post a couple of screens this evening, or tomorrow evening.

I think I know what happened, but I still don’t know how to fix it.
I have set the frames in the anim field back to 60 or so once to check out a slightly smaller area. Everything behind it seems clipped off or moved backwards, I can’t really tell yet. Even the audio is clipped now.

I tried appending the original lipsync action, but it also bring a copy of the armature and just doesn’t work. And this has been asked a few times and I’ll probably find it if I search for it, but time is rather in short supply lately so here goes: how do you delete actions? I can press the x till i drop and save and reopen, they are still there…

I’ll upload some screens soon, but maybe somebody might allready know what I should do?

actions by default have fake user activated, so they wont be deleted when unlinked.

Shift-F4 to bring up the data browser.
select “…” to go up one level and select “Actions” you should see a list of actions here. a number to the right of each action indicates how many users it has. Also, an “F” indicates fake user active.

select actions you wish to delete and hit F. this will deactivate fake user. the number of users should now read 0. If it does not, then it is still linked in the scene.
any action with 0 users will not be saved so save and reload.

thanks man, I’ll study more of all this this weekend, I should have enough time then to not look into it for just a quick peek, but in the meantime, I found a workaround solution by appending the normal animation back into an earlier file that had only the lipsync animation.
So here’s a youtube link:

I ussually go very technical about creating stuff, and knowing exactly what button does what, this was done spontaneously, not minding ipo’s or nla’s or actions in general…

So just how do you unlink it in the actual scene?

any action with 0 users will not be saved so save and reload.

(Emphasis mine) :slight_smile:

one more thing:

  1. How do you reorder shape keys?
    I first made all the different shapes, then duplicated them and gave them vertgroups, so first I have mouth_smile.L and halfway down the list I have mouth_smile.R.
    I want to reorder them so that mouth_smile.R and mouth_smile.L are next to each other.

  2. In the action window, while I was making a lipsync, it was very hard to tell which keys where what shape because they did not have the shapekeys names. they were called key 1, 2, 3 etc. How can I rename them?

Or if anyone has better workflow options, I’m all ears.

2.) click on the name, you can rename, and change range of IPO values.

1.) well, for bones in actions, right click the name, and hit ctrl->pageup or page down (also from the keys menu)

this should work for shapekeys as well but for some reason I can’t find a way to select the shape key channels like I do for bone names. bug or am I missing something here?

Thank you, I’m going to try it now.

ONE other thing I’ve been trying to figure out:

I don’t mean the auto IK, I mean to vary the chainlength of an IK chain based on an attribute like a rotation/location/etc of another object.
OR if anyone knows where I can find the code/python I would need to sift through, I’d be very happy as well.

well tried some of those rename/ move things for the shape keys, but I can’t seem to move the shapes in the IPO window, or rename the “keybars” in the action editor.

I’ve found these threads that also deal with it, so it can’t be fixed then?

hmmm, I unlink all actions that can be unlinked in the data browser, and I can sorta “select” my reference “null” action in the outliner, but I can’t unlink, make local or delete it.
What now?

basically I want to remove all keys and actions and start fresh with just the character, armature and materials.

Any thoughts? please?

Found out how to get rid of the actions… the armature still had a null action, the mesh still had a null action as well, and another backup mesh had another lipsync action. At least I’m rid of these.
Still no way to reorganise the shapes…

found out about the shapes as well…they’re fixed.
for those who care, ask, I’ve no time to explain it now anyway.

In the style of, “how do I reorder”

how do you reorder material indexes?
Say I have four, but I want to “split” the first one in three parts. The two I create as a new one get organised at the back. While I want them to be after the first one.

Not really THAT important, But I’d still like to be able to do this.