Messed up baking? Corrupt?

Hello, I’ve been using Blender for a while now and am getting the hang of things but this latest problem has had me stumped for several days and I’ve tried everything I know with no success.

I had decided to revisit an older model of mine and give it a few touch ups, that went fine. Then I tried to bake it…that went fine as well but I wanted a higher resolution image for more detail. However, when I created a new image and baked it the image came out completely wrong no matter what settings I had, I even tried going back to the original resolution and it came back with the same result, now I’m stuck with a very low res image to bake to. I’ve deleted the links to the material and textures, saved, closed blender and redid them but the same thing still occurs.

In short, the existing image size bakes fine, but anything new, even a new image of the same size results in something very wrong.

Here’s what it looks like with the following settings when I try to bake:

Any help with this issue would be great, thanks.

Oh it just looks like you need to unwrap it again. Perhaps the uv is lost in the newer versions of blender? I dont know… but you get the tris like that when a face hasnt been unwrapped.

sometimes you will see them in a map just a few dark place here and there, because you didnt map them yet. Maybe because they were hidden.