Messed up mapping of HDRI?

Seem to be having issues with mapping of HDR images onto a sphere. I am using YAFRAY in plugin mode (as opposed to XML export). What I am seeing looks like, for lack of a better way of putting it, bunny ears. This is with the St. Peter’s Cross HDR file readily available, but I’ve seen this happen with all of them.

The “ears” seem to be a dark elongated ellipses joined at a common center point radiating outward, and in between the four lobes/ears are what must be the four endpoints of the HDR image. The shadows must correspond to the areas of the HDR file which are black (0,0,0) but divining the solution is the hard part.

I’d love to upload and link the picture but cannot currently do that (while at work -no time, no time, little rest for the wicked). Hopefully for now the description will ring a bell for someone.

The strangest thing, I’ve followed BioRust tut on it, and just cannot get a good render w/o the elongated lobes. Is this an issue with mapping and/or am I neglecting something that should be painfully obvious?

Thanks -


I am actually thankful that no one did respond. I finally figured out that I needed to use a probe HDR image w/ angular mapping. What I had been using was the cross HDR file. Seemed so simple once I figured it out that I’m feeling sheepish.

Now my question is - does the cross HDR format get used as a environment map in the pre-raytracing Blender style?

I’m a POV-Ray user from quite a while back and am finding Blender to be pretty fantastic when used with YAFRAY, but there are some specifics that I am coming up to speed on.

I guess you are talking about environment mapping. :wink:
Blender cannot use the “cross” format. Blender uses environment maps with a different arrangement of the six cube faces. Here is an example of the Galileo probe from this page in Blenders arrangement.

Thanks Usagi!

I was starting to come to that conclusion and you confirmed my suspicions. The disconnect is that I thought that you either had a probe or a HDR in cross form, not realizing that a probe was in hdr format and that a cross wasn’t automatically un-wound into the envmap input form by the software.

I’m just kind of relieved that it was something very logical and not a case of mad-cow disease or rabies getting to me.

Now, on to the real task at hand - not making something that looks very painfully obviously CG! Have a great weekend.