Messed up on hands/feet

This is my first time modeling something in Blender. I’m doing the human body.

I messed up badly on the hands/feet, especially the hands, the forearms and the wrist/fingers just didn’t align naturally.

What would be the best way to fix this?

I’m using dynamic topology, is there a way to erase polygons? Or should I just leave them and leave them out of the retopology, then model them separately and re-connect them?

Sorry, I’m a bit new to this.

I would suggest starting with some simpler shapes to model before tackling a human body. But if you are set on doing a human then maybe you could post a picture to illustrate what is wrong

I’ve done newbie modeling before, it’s just I’ve never tackled an entire human body. I’m thinking of starting over and just doing the anatomy of an arm for instance, and then piecing it all together but here’ s a pic of everything else…

I messed up a lot on the arms/forearms. I messed with them so much that they just look crappy now, plus the hands are placed unnaturally.