Messed up textures and materials

Not sure what I did here, but the brown core of the dynamite stick in the back is goofed and the bottom front wrapping on the dynamite is goofed. I’m using all of the same textures and materials on each of the sticks. It happened when I added a light to the right end of the object.
I’m hoping someone can help out, I’ve no clue what I’m doing :stuck_out_tongue:
Blend file and assets can be found here:


Weird patterns like this are always a sign of overlapping geometry: Two objects occupying exactly the same space so that the renderer gets confused which one is supposed to be on top (aka “Z-fighting”).

In your case you have dynamite.007 lying over dynamite.006 and core.007 overlapping core.002:

Delete both and you should be good to go.