Messed up vertices

I made a gun (trying to make one anyways)and this happened and i was wondering if there was a way i could fix it???

That’s just smooth on a bunch of corners. The flat surfaces probably shouldn’t have ‘smooth’ turned on.

well the stock and the barrel and stuff are all one big peice

In Edit mode select all verts (A). Hit W >> Remove Doubles. Hit Ctrl-N >> Recalc Normals. It should look better now (make a habit of those two for all mesh work). If it blurrs all the sharp edges when rendered goto F9 buttons, Mesh tab and hit AutoSmooth, you’ll only see the results of it when rendered though.


Yea first you don’t want to have your flat surfaces smoothed, but if you decide to keep it you still need to recalc normals, select all vertices Ctrl-N. My suggestion would be to leave the surfaces flat and bevel the edges to get the round edges then just set smooth at the end, and perhaps a subsurf. Btw, is that a battle rifle from halo?