messed up

im new to blender and im having problems
working on a model of a car and almost done all of a sudden when i go to move a vertex on lets say the x axis it will move it on the z and y also even tho i only selected to move it on the x axis, it will look fine till i rotate then it look all messed up

i was wondering how to fix this or what did i do to have blender do this?

can i please get some help

Difficult to tell unless you attach your blend to your post. Check you haven’t turned on proportional editing (keyboard letter O) an indicated on your 3d view header in edit mode

proportional editing is good heres a video of my problem
you can see my problem at around 1 min
thanks for any help

Try using hot key G, than hot key X or Y for direction of translation. And, see what happens.

that didn’t work :frowning: i have another video if it will help any of you help me but let me know in iraq its hard to upload video

Make sure you don’t have retopo turned on.