Messerschmitt BF 109

So, today I started making this plane. It is very entertaining to do something like this, because it is my first normal plane, (the first one had maybe 1000 vertexes and it was just test 6 months ago.)Today, I feeled that few parts are really hard to build and it is aimed as low-mid poly model. For now it has 9267 vertexes. + 4 vertexes the background :smiley:
I tested the motion blur but i have one problem. Is there a way how to disable shadows just for the background (plane)?

Why is there a shadow in the top left corner of the image? I call conspiracy on that :stuck_out_tongue:
Well it depends on what renderer you used for, this, and by the looks of it, it seems you used the Blender Render. Well then on the plane material, you have to check “Shadeless” and you’re set.

The model of the plane itself is quite good from what I can tell, having seen BF-109 in real life I can say this is pretty accurate.
The lighting however needs to be changed. Here light is coming from slightly below the plane, and the shadows are as sharp as a knife.
Also, is there a pilot in the plane? Absolutely not! :smiley:
You can totally put that into a working plane for a flght sim add-on, by the number of polygons. Good job so far !

Thank you for your response. Many things you pointed at, were actually also on my mind. I was thinking about many things, i removed that 3 MGs that were not on the real BF 109, made better wings and learned how to lock rotation in other directions of the airscrew/propeller. I also made simple interior, openable window,functional wheels (trough shape keys) It is not completed yet, there are many things to improve, like textures, etc.It has around 11 000 vertexes. And iam afraid of making the pilot…

Young man I too share a interest in WWII. As far as your pilot download and get somewhat familiar with ‘MakeHuman’ It’s what most of us use who don’t have the patience or time to box model characters. And, with a little modeling after you’ve imported into Blender would be perfect for you here. Your model seems to be really coming along here. A Sun Light will be your friend in the scene. Get familiar with it and play with settings.

It seems that the model is really near to be finished - or it already is? I could not export the model from the human generator, so I did my low poly guy that is sitting there. :slight_smile: