Messerschmitt BF109

Hi. I started creating a Messerschmitt BF 109 and i want to get the topoligy right from the start.
I am having some issues so i thought someone here could give me some advice.
The red marked areas are what i am having trouble with

Perhaps someone can point me to the right direction

It looks like you have started the nose from a circle, which has given you a lot of extra geometry which is unnecessary. I would suggest either starting from a different primitive shape, or reducing the amount of vertices on your starting circle, that way your mesh won’t be so dense in the back. That’s just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

It looks like there’s a simple solution somewhere, but it would be difficult to explain, do you mind posting the .blend file?

So i reduced the geometry by quite a bit. This did help get the topoligy a bit more like i wanted it.

Any comments on any other topo related problems you can spot before i continue?

Looks better, why not connect the horiz tail too?

Adding the missing parts will be the next step.

So i added the horizontal tail wings (or whatever they are called):

horiz tail yes, now dont forget about your control loops!


So i added the cockpit.

What i encountered when doing so, was how to add geometry without interfeering with other parts of the model?

Hi zerator,

are you working off a blueprint? The tail appears too high n too fat to me.

Hi. I am working of of that exact Blueprint, and the sizes look ok.

Any hints on how i can remove these triangles, without adding edgeloops that go round the whole model?
I Colored the parts that will be window so make it more clear what i am trying to achieve

Yes separate the cockpit from the fuselage…that is how it is in real life…also seperate the glass from the frame…(make sure you add thickness to both by using solidify modifier to fake things easier) Also i like to add more edge loops to make things sharper rather than creasing… they give you higher quality result at the ex pence of more geometry.

Small update, Redid the Cockpit and added the air intake

Haha, Awesome! Glad my little tutorial helped :slight_smile:

Yea thanks for the fast response. Thankfully the holidays are now over(poor me havin to party so hard :D) and i have more time for blender and to continue this project.

So i’m still trying to get the basic mesh right. Almost there but there is one more problem i ran into i can’t seem to fix:

I need all that topo on the left side for the air intake, but then the further back i get the less i need it and it becomes a problem (adding horrible creases). What would be the best way of solving this? splitting of the rear to a seperate mesh?

you can always divert your edgeflow… for example into the wing. or into the middle. Get creative :wink:

Ok managed to reduce the amount of unneeded topologie. so here is the first test render.

Feedback as always highly welcome.