Messerschmitt Me-262 Work In progress.

Planning to make a short animation using this plane. Got to work last weekend. Then resumed this afternoon. I think it’s looking alright.

I’ve got several problems though. The nose, for one, is not rounded. It’s an odd sort of shape…

As seen above.

And another!

And yet another:

I love this plane, so I thought I’d share my work in progress with everyone else as well. I hope other people like it too…

Link in OP is broken

Hey, its been a while. I made a small scene to try and fit this plane into. I don’t know how to texture. (And it never works out if I try) So it looks the same as it did.

If people might offer feedback on the scene? I know it’s missing parts (City ect…) but I tried this first before I add more.

For you topology questions you might want to post some wireframes of your model. It will probably help people make suggestions to you.
I just finished a project animating a drone in flight. I took a different approach and used HRRI images as backgrounds. If you want to take a look here is a link.

They are all pretty much composed of identical squares with different buildings on them arranged to create a city, like so:

A closer look without wireframe:

(Forgot to crop it)

And a close up on the building ‘blocks’ themselves!

Your video is also pretty cool. I liked it a lot!

Yea… your going all out on the city… wouldn’t want to texture it:) What I meant was the wireframe of the plane, since you mentioned about the nose of the plane you felt you had a problem on. There are some really good modelers at this site who could probably make recommendations to you.

Thanks for checking out the video, and good luck on your project.