Messing around with 2d filters

It has been far too long since I’ve touched the BGE, so I decided it was well passed time to pick up some of the marvelous 2d filters lying around the internet. Here’s the result:




The game ran at a steady 60 fps when played in the viewport, but when I played it in the standalone, the fps seemed to be very fond of the number eleven. Tis a shame, since the game ran so beautifully in the viewport. If I take the time to get back to it, I’ll figure out which filter is causing the fps drop. (Although to be fair I am using a ton of very high quality dynamic shadows, which I’ve never found the BGE to like very much.)
The filters I added were:
I’ll posted the links if they’re requested, but they’re not hard to find, and are, in my opinion, the best options out there for their purposes. I am particularly fond of the chromatic aberration of the DoF filter.
As for the scene itself, it’s something I just repurposed from my Unity project. I’d already thrown it around in UE4 as well, and I still wasn’t completely tired of it, so I figured I’d use it to test out these filters as well.
While I don’t have any fire effects made yet (I’ll get around to making them if I’m not too lazy), I did add some nice light flicker that I personally feel really makes it just that much more lively…
Anyhow, I’ll probably post the standalone for you fine fellows to play around in, hopefully at a decent framerate. Also, if anyone asks for it, I’ll probably just throw the .blend file with some textures on here, just in case anyone finds this relevant to their projects.


I barely see any bloom. I can’t see any SSAO.

Looks pretty good though.

Tis there, I assure you:
I turned down the mist a bit to make it clearer at higher distances. As for the bloom, when I turned up the kernel size, I would drop from 60 to 10 fps, so I kept it nice and low. I honestly would prefer the bloom over the DoF, but the DoF has such wonderful chromatic aberration…

Looks really nice,

what gpu?

Tis there, I assure you:

Maybe the texture hides it a little :3

Methinks it’s the AMD R9 255. I just got it a couple months ago, and it does what it has to.