Messing around with Ludwig (the model on the second layer)

Messing around with Ludwig (the model on the second layer)

This video will not blow your mind. I was just messing around. :cool:

- AniCator

More crap (took me 80 minutes)

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Cool Stuff there AniCator :slight_smile: tis better than what i can do thats for sure!

I’ve been thinking about getting back into animation again for a long time.
Here’s a message that did it, someone said that I had never shown any animation skills. He thought I was just being a wise guy without any experience. (you can read the message in the comments, thumbs down for this comment :p) :stuck_out_tongue:

- AniCator

I liked the dancing one - needs to be longer next time :slight_smile:

you mentioned the 12 Principles of Animation to that other person, so perhaps you might wanna use them yourself too.

I partially did. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice Job. I would expected at least a few seconds more to enjoy the moves and music. Very short but good. (by the way, Like your website, are you familiar with Wordpress? )