Messing around with my 2nd Mech

thats pretty good, why Mechwarrior 2? mechwarrior 4 is better! :smiley:

it was the second mech that I made… and mechwarrior 3 in my opinion was the best… mechwarriror 4 is just eyecandy…

o ok, i only have 2 and 4. i cant wait for 5! :smiley:

funny signature by the way :stuck_out_tongue:

so they’re coming out with a new mechwarrior?

you then wonder how God managed to model, texture, animate, light and render the world in 7 days considering his excessive use of GI.

he tortured his coder so he’s got a nasty little plugin to do all that.
unfortunately, it was still in beta :stuck_out_tongue:

it kinda makes you wonder what he made for the aliens…

Great stuff :slight_smile: You should post it at in the artwork section, it would go down very well there.

Done a few mechs myself, my last (and best) was a Scylla :smiley:

PS. Mechwarrior 5 is not currently in development :frowning:

thanks, will check that out…


i signed a petition for it:
over 2000 people have signed it.

PS. Mechwarrior 5 is not currently in development

yet :smiley:
if their making a mechassult 2, why not mechwarrior 5? :frowning:

oh yeah… I signed that petition quite a while ago…

They are focusing on the X-Box (look at how Halo was held back from the PC so it could be launched for the X-Box to increase sales). Also the mechwarrior games are more simulator-like and I guess MS feels there isn’t a big enough market for them currently. Look what they did with MW4: Mercenaries, they just slapped in a few more things and sold it as a new game, which is inferior to MW3 in many ways (and is basically MW4:Vengeance with some new maps and mechs). They have also been unsupportive of efforts to extend the life of MW4: Mercs (mektek, the site I pointed BadCat to, have been adding new things into the game, but are very limited as they do not have the source code, and MS haven’t helped at all). A post from someone at MS had said they had started working on it then stopped, and it may continue later, but currently it isn’t being worked on :frowning:

Frankly if the difference between MW5 and MW4 would be anything like the difference between MW4 and MW3, I for one am not very interested. They really need to make a big leap (ala MW3 from MW2), which they actually said is what they wanted to do. Bah I’m blethering, Half-Life 2 is coming out sometime and there is a MW mod being made for it, hopefully that will be good hehe.

I saw you post a picture of the start of your 3rd mech, when do we get to know what one it will be? :slight_smile:

mech 3 sucked in many way compared to mw2…mw4 sucked even more…ms scrapped everything…they are destroying it…

MW2 aal the way!!!

I got a bit sidetracked… I have no idea what it will look like right now… I haven’t made up any sketches for it… I’m thinking of some ideas though… so you will find out sooner or later… if only the day was longer…