messing with multires

spent some time sculpting this guy… now i wonder if there is a way to seperate individual parts like the hands so i can blend out everything else to go much higher with the polycount, without breaking the multires modifier.
it would be nice to be able to seperate the hands, and then reinject them to the mesh without breaking all the subdivision levels of the multires modifier. maybe a morph tool or something similar.

also i’m having problems rotating around the model properly when looking at the hands for example… because it always rotates around the center of the whole model.

in edit mode i can set up blender to rotate around the selection to have a better control of what i’m looking at, but theres no selection in sculpt mode…right?

To separate the hands from your model, in edit mode select the hand then press P then “Selected” (or Mesh -> Vertices -> Separate)
This will make your selection into a separate object from the rest of your model.

Then to merge back the separated hand, be sure that the vertices that were at the hand - arm connection have not moved, then in Object Mode press CTRL + J (or Object -> Join)
Once done, go to Edit Mode, select the junction and press W -> Remove Doubles (or Mesh-> Vertices -> Remove Doubles) to merge those vertices from the arm and the hand that are in the same location.

After that pres CTRL + N to recalculate the normals (or Mesh -> Normals -> Recalculate Outside).

For rotating around your hand in Sculpt mode, just press Numpad 1 (or View -> Front) and move your point of view so the hand is at the center of your screen.
press Numpad 3 (or View -> Side) and again move your point of view so the hand is at the center of your screen.
That’s all, now you will rotate around the hand in sculpt mode

Note , by pressing ALT + B you can create a selection that will hide everything that isn’t in the selection you create, it’s very usefull to not have other body part hiding your view of what you’re orbiting around.
To make everything re-appear press again ALT+B

A good alternative to separating body part for finer work.

thx a bunch!

Locking the view to the 3d cursor works out well for rotating around the item you want to focus on. just place the cursor where you like then switch back to sculpt mode. Nice work by the way hopefully one day I get to that level.