Meta Ball files

I just used Meta Balls in Blender for the first time (to make the tree in my Cartoonish Architecture project) and once I was done forming the balls into the shape I wanted I converted them to a mesh and deleted the original. Now my project folder is loaded with 609 *.bobj.gz files which I assume had something to do with the fact that I deleted and restarted the meta ball portion several times, now my question is can I now delete these files without any detrimental effect? I assume that I can sincec I have converted it to a mesh, butr I want t be sure before I risk deleting some file that is actually needed.

*.bobj.gz files

Do you mean .gz as in tar.gz, that are compressed files, like .zip?
If so I doubt they have anything to do with Blender.


Ok, I figured it out. I had mistakenly opened the file with the latest CVS Fluid Build which created .gz files of all of the objects in the scene.