Meta Ball Flicker

When animating meta balls, I get a flicker. Just moving on ein a straight line produces it. Any way around this?

If you don’t need to use the special attract thingie that metaballs have againsd other metaballs, then you could turn it into a mesh.

Hi would you be able to explain what you mean a bit more, (or post the bland file). I use Meta-Balls for alot of the work I don’t and I don’t have any problems at all when animating them.


When a Meta Ball is moving in my animation, it looks almost as if it has faces that change direction reflecting light in all directions causing a flicker. Kinda wierd. Even if a material is applied, it flickers.

Weird. I have tried here but I can’t replicate that problem everything seems to run fine. Is it possible for you to post the Blend so that I can have a look.

I don’t have any webspace to post the .blend to.

I just ran a test .AVI to see if it only shows up in Blender, and not the final output. Basically, it’s as if the edges of the meta ball aren’t smooth, resulting in a choppy appeareance when it moves/merges with other meta balls. I ran the threshold down to 0 to see of it would make it smoother but it didn’t. Set Smooth doesn’t seem to work either.

Is there any way to make them look smoother around the edges?

In the meta-ball properties (F9) set the Rendersize slider lower. This will make the ball appear smoother when rendered, but it will also increase render time and memory usage.

d’oh! I just found my answer. I have to reduce the wiresize. Sorry for all the posts. :expressionless:

No problem, glad you found an answer