Meta ball parented to dupliverted particle emitter disappears!

Using Blender 2.44
I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong … can someone offer a fix? I have a small meta elipsoid object which I want to attach to a particle system. The meta is parented to the particle emitter mesh, which has dupliverts turned on, and all I get is the little circles that indicate the spot where the meta objects are supposed to be.
In fact, the meta ball disappears, leaving only the wire circle, as soon as it is parented to the mesh. It won’t show up in any 3D view or the render.
I had it working yesterday, but I don’t know what I did or what’s changed! Every attempt to re-create the scene results in the same invisible meta objects!:eek:
Any help would be appreciated

hmm, seems that getting emitted from a particle system w/ dupliverts does not call the function that redraws the metaballs. you can force a redraw for a frame by grabbing the emitter and canceling.

It renders correctly, just the redraw function in the viewport is not being called.

this happens even when metaball are set to update “always,” since the actual parent metaball isn’t being updated, only its “spawns”

bug I guess.

I have reported a bug about that some weeks ago, but I got no real answer…

Yes, it does seem to be a bug in 2.44
I have 2.43 installed at home… I tested it last night and the problem does not appear.
ZDK1: thanks for the tip about grab/cancel on the emitter. I will try that.

Roubal: I found the bug tracker thread and added to it:

This is a very irratating bug. Thsi happens if I duplicate a meta ball. :open_mouth: :open_mouth: super anoying!