Meta-Ball wallpaper

(Fonz2591) #1

Here is a cool metaball wallpaper i made pretty quickly…

(for a full-sized picture, click “All Sizes”)

(Loy) #2

Nice material! not much to crit, actually

(Dwarfose) #3

looks nice- almost real-like- like some plastick bubbly thingies on a table or smthin- cool :smiley:

(Fonz2591) #4


Here is a green version…

Im working on a red version…
Is it possible to have more than one color for all the diff meta-balls?
It seems to not allow me to. I guess this makes sense, cause other wise, they would hafto blend the colors while merging.

(Fonz2591) #5


(Dwarfose) #6

Yea they have to be all the same colour, if u want to have different colours you can convert it to a mesh and use vertex colours or textures to blend them

(Hyouryu) #7

reminds me of the false-color STM images of graphite, except for that middla ball. You might want to try adding more metaballs in that hex pattern, maybe with slightly randomized height.