Meta balls + softbody ?

Is it possible to apply softbody to meta ball ?

I’d like to make water drops detaching from a bigger one, with the springy effect softbody can give.

nope, softbody algorithms work on explicit data structures (meshes etc),
metaballs are a type of implicit surface. they are only converted (sampled is a better word) to meshes for render.

you could try running a fluid sim, though that may be overkill depending on what you want.
what you might do (never tried, just an idea), is use meta objects, once the drop is detached, make a duplicate, convert it to mesh, and apply softbody to it, swapping them out in one frame.
a thought, there are probably better/simpler ways to achieve the effect you want.

You should able to simulate the effect with two mesh objects, it will require some animation skill though. You will also have to set the shader so the two objects can appear to blend.