Meta-Guy And Meta-PeeDog

I made this one, one day that i felt the necessity of render something, and i like how meta objects works, so, i started, look what it became, a very simple scene!!! it was fun… oh! by the way, the dog had just pee!!!

Modeled and rendered on Blender 2.42a - render time: 20 minutes (Using AO)

I like it, and like the simplicity, but feel that there’s not enough contrast between the background and the character. Add some colour to it, and it’ll look great.

I agree, the intended simplicity is brilliant, however, the background does need to be changed…maybe a computeristic background…no idea but overall it is truly a beautiful work!

It looks great to me. For a background, maybe make tones of metas or something, like a wave/wall sort of thing…
nice work.