Meta Material Library Released

New links on my site if any are down…iallibrary%27s

Hi all, sorry to redirect but there’s sorted library’s updated in this new thread>>>>

Thanks M.A.

As long as you’re paying credit where credit is due, I don’t think it should be a problem, but that’s just my opinion. It could be handy as a sort of de facto material library. Most people in this community make stuff to share, so if that’s what you’re tryin to do, good for you! Blend On, bro!

Yeah that’s what I’m thinking, as I build the library I found that a couple of the material libraries I am merging (apart from mine) have ‘borrowed’ from other libs. I don’t really see a problem. I am up to about 220 so far & I look forward to it’s completion.

Edit: Permissions I would like to have,
so I can go from Beta version (to be released soon) to Complete version (sorted by catagory).
are as follows;
Sonix, alltaken, Rowan, bgdm, theeth, jedidawn, artm, bagration, Oscar Alvarado, The author’s of; Maya skin shaders for blender, black imp .blend, carpaint nodes, Mat lib v 102, Sea_material.

What I am doing tech wise is to link (not append) all the libraries/.blends, then ‘make local’ and name change to indicate author (where possible), the ones I keep. (most).
As usual I will write a text file noting all the authors of original materials & as a usage guide.
Thanks for the reply fatfinger. Great to hear from another vic blender user.

On a side note if anyone would like their materials included, say so (via pm) and it will be done. As some have asked already if I would like help and it would be great to have a comprehensive, more organized library to use.

One problem I have encountered is that many mats,textures are used in multiple files and I have inadvertently changed much. Ah well, I’ve spent hours on this, hope everyone is ok with it.

Thanks M.A.

I think it’s a great idea and you would actually be helping the creators of the materials by giving the materials more exposure to the blender community. Since you’re going to include the credits to the respective creators, there should be no problem at all = )

i find this useful, thanks doing this. maybe you could ask any of the authors through this tread to give their permissions. you just post here their names, i bet they all have an account here, so they can say i agree, or i dont.

Hi all, update, the Library in beta form (ready in two days) will be capped at around 450 materials(for now), however, I think it would be good to include Smoke/Fire/Halo textures/mats also, for the complete version, so If any one would like, I will add any that are offered, let me know, please and thanks. If this is successful I will continue with the project, to have a comprehensive mat lib available to all. It really would be a waste to place them on my comp and not to share.

Note, this will be a large, capped at 25meg download.(zips up well though)
Thanks, Thanks in advance.

hey Mods. Can this thread be made a sticky? And Meta-Androcta keep up the great work! I am sure you wont have too many problems from this!

Let me know when it is ready. I think this is a great idea. Hope you host it where it will be accessable for some time.

Nearly done, will upload to stable file host by sunday night australia.:smiley:
Silly me didn’t Make Local all the textures from the linked files. doh.:frowning:
(links still exist in back up files)
Lucky I tested the uploaded file. Then deleted it. Small delay.
The file should be around for a long time, first release will be beta then sorted a bit more.
Result so far; 480 materials. More than enough & extra spaces for 160 of your own.
My ‘toon smoke’ included, several brain textures, planets, special effects textures including lava, fire, smoke, suns, nodes, true multi-depth textures (one texture clearly visible inside another, looks like one sphere inside another but is only textures) 40 or so sss shaders and skin, lots of good sss skin, water and much more. :yes:

Thanks M.A.

Hi all, the next Materials project I am starting on is to be >
Meta Special Effects Library.
I have already gained permission of a most famous Blender Special Effect Artist
Michael D’Andrea
to include work based on & including his. Thank you so very, very much Michael.
I am seeking other authors who would like to be part of this project.
The Library will focus on Smoke, Fire, Halo Effects, Water, Planets & a general Space type textures, also including World/Background Textures.
If you would like to offer any Materials/Textures/settings/permissions let me know.
I envision in the months to come, a comprehensive material library or 3 that will provide the community with easy access to wonderful textures. It is also educational as from the different settings you can learn how to make your own too.

Thanks M.A.

You are to be commended! Thanks for this. You’re on a roll.

This is really impressive work. A nice collection.

However, it has a similar problem to many other archives like this: no clear license statement. Although you give due credit to other contributors, it isn’t clear what restrictions are placed on further use. It isn’t public domain and there are some restrictions (“no sale”) incorporated. But where are the limits?

If this sounds picky, it isn’t intended to be, but it is important. Even (particularly!) open source and open content producers have a responsibility to openly and clearly respect license and copyright restrictions and so if I was going to use these materials in a production – let’s say something released under one of the Creative Commons licenses – I would need to know the license of all the contributing components, including your material library (and the materials themselves). Some licenses wouldn’t permit a derived product to be released under a “by” CC license (which permits derivatives, sales, etc) or might require a “non-commercial” clause in the CC license or a “no-derivs”.

If you are able to clear that up in a near-future release, it would be great.

You have my permission to use the MatLib v102 material library, just credit me along with the other contributors (“Zsolt Stefan”).
Man, that was a long time ago, maybe 5 years ago that I made that library! ahh nostalgia…

Well, anyways, good thing to have your huge collection!! One thing Blender has been more-or-less lacking. Along with a good material-preview and selection window.



Good initative!!!

I’ve just downloaded the archive/blend. Thank you very much.

Anyway of knowing when it is being updated?

Zsolt, Thank You very much, much appreciated.
`ox{ Hi, my home internet is down at present. I am re-sorting the entire library currently.
There will now be several smaller by Catagory Librarys, should be available soon,
I finished Stone library 1 & 2, 160 original stone Textures ( Including My Photo textures of rare stone) and I am working on much more. There is a new Template I made that is much better.
The Beta Library has been pulled apart and the new finished Librarys will be soon.
Plenty more to come in better format. Hopefully I’ll be back online soon to upload some more.
Thanks again to the contributors.

you can use mine too. (i think my name was mentioned somewhere)


Yes just downloaded the file… But its not opening here. Anyone can confirm it??

the 400 unsorted should be ok.
bandwidth problems are killing the rest.
didyou d/l the rar, if so you will need 7zip or winrar.
looks like I’ll have to re-host/mirror the rest…again…

I like this great media library.