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hi, have some materials & textures.:evilgrin:

New links on my site if any are down…iallibrary%27s

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Thanks M.A.

Free for Personal & Commercial Use.
There are links also at my site in the materials section.

Oh wow plenty materials…hey M.A. thanks for your initiative,effort and contributions to the community…

It’s probably me being too stupid, but I can’t seem to find any link to download these libraries ion that stupid fileserver. All I get is popups with videos. Any clues really appreciated.

when you go to the file host site>
follow the download for free with basic link>
then enter in the code>
that takes you to the link.
sorry for the poor hosting but thats all I could access with dialup.

I was not blaming you, i’m gratefull that you are giving these textures away. I just couldn’t figure it out immediately :slight_smile:

i have extra bandwidth. pm me if you want hosting. i can throw something together for you.

SamAdam: I would be very grateful if you could upload them somewhere else where it’s easier to dowlnoad them. I have tried to get them the whole afternoon butFileFactory allways finds someway to prevent me from getting them.

@ Create3d , hey no worries, should have some more links up soon.
@ ecgilboy , thanks, hope you get some good use out of them.
@ SamAdam , thanks, PM on it’s way, I would like a few mirrors eventually so everyone can get easy access to downloads.
@ Shump , See above. I checked the links and there’s been quite a few downloads already across the list, there should be a few mirrors coming up soon.

Enjoy. M.A.

I’ve downloaded the beta library and put it in a .rar and re-uploader it to at the following link. Cheers to Meta-Androcto for doing this by the way.

thank’s so much for this effort. It’s been needed for ages.

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hey peoples, looks like a few downloads happening, hope you like.
@ BenDansie, thanks, could you please make the file Public so I can see it, thanks, there is an option to do this (just make a new folder at polorix & make public), or could you type out the address without the http:// stuff as BA thinks the address is too long and I can’t copy/paste it to my site. Thanks heaps for your help & initiative.
Much Appreciated.
@ pildanovac, I’m glad people appreciate it.

Enjoy. M.A.

News Flash…Thanks very much to Sonix for permissions.
Look forward to the next releases.

This looks like a great resource for seeing how other people do their textures. Unfortunately all of the links in the 1st post are now expired at filefactory.

BenDansie’s rar seems to be password protected? Does anyone have the password?

I also have some spare bandwidth and would be willing to offer all I can until I run out! If anyone could point me in the direction of obtaining the final libraries it would be much appreciated and I’ll mirror them straight up.

Thanks very much Meta-Androcto! btw you can obtain the full link provided by BenDansie by viewing the source of the webpage.

Your work is much appreciated!

If annybody wonders what’s in the lib, well here you go. Raytracing had to be enabled and HDI was used together with AO and OSA.


Looks Great!

Regarding the rar password, it seems opening the rar on a windows machine has no password issues. I had only just installed rar on Ubuntu, maybe that was the cause.

If anyone that has the sorted libs and a broadband connection would be prepared to email them over to me it would be great to get them public again, if all concerned are in agreement?

I was unable to open the rar file with WinAce - I get a “bad black” error. Any suggestions?

maybe it is a good idea to sort these out on the open material library site?
it is meant to become THE site for blender textures after all, well I hope it does, as it has a simple and clean design, and it eliminates the need of keeping all these seperate files flying around with all these cool materials in it to sort out.

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Thanks, Brendon.