Meta Mesh LW plugin

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is there way reproduce this in Blender

this is similar but not not exactly, here we can work with simple primitives without custom forms

is it possible write plugin for Blender like MetaMesh?

ehee, looks very incredible, and i’m already pay for that.

Basics - MeshFusion for MODO Tutorial (1/3) - YouTube

Hard Mesh

any suggestions abut coding similar for blender?

Ummm… Do we still not have the Blender equivalent of MetaMesh in Blender? :-/ I just had to jump over to LightWave to merge/weld two meshes together, which kinda sucks, since I hate working in LW anymore and takes me forever to remember my old shortcuts etc… In other words: are you telling me that Blender still can’t blend two meshes together, in a way that is an automatic process? I’m ready to plunk down cold hard cash for any addon that does exactly like the 3RDPowers’ plugin MetaMesh for LightWave (must be able to do both Union and Subtract)!

If Blender indeed does not have this ability in any addon, some enterprising person needs to make this, pronto!. I have money waiting for you.

something like this is as close as it gets at the moment. I hope blender gets there!

Hi MX, I hadn’t realized you posted in here, since you didn’t reply to me… Yes, I not only know about QuadRemesher, but am a proud owner since the very day it came out for Blender, and I even say on your HOps thread that QRM combined with MetaMesh is the shizz… Of course we can manually do booleans and hit crap with QRM after, but unless you have used MetaMesh and seen it in all its glory live, which presumably you haven’t, you have no idea just how much that plug kicks ass. I just thought it would be wonderful if you could consider getting into the more organic boolean stuff and possibly making a SoftOps or something… I suppose you have your hands full with HO and BC. Please alert your dev friends that there is a hole that needs filled. I’d personally pounce on a MetaMesh-esque addon and gladly pay handsomely for it. Hell, I paid 88 clams for the LW plug…