Meta objects for what?

I can’t find and haven’t seen much modeling with meta objects. I’ve played around with them. Out of curiousity, what have you guys used them for?

Meta Objects are not really used for modelling in Blender. They are mostly used for effects like liquids or bubbles, where things are capable of merging together.

I personaly don’t use them because the mesh they make when they convert is so horribly twisted,hacked and triangulated so they are pretty much immpossible to use

they must make interesting particles though.

They do. I did a couple of particle tests with them a little while ago.
(Right Click Save As)
First Movie
Second Movie

(Alternatively if my webspace is acting up, or is slow)
My Putfile Site

Just follow directions on that page.

Forte, neat movies. Care to elaborate for us idiots (me, mostly)…did you animate the motion of each particle separately, or apply a force, or what?

forTe > I have been inspired

Its actually pretty simple.

(For video with shiny white ball)
Basically You add a MetaBall. Then you add an icosphere with 2-3 subdivisions. You set it up with particles. Then you add another metaball, and make the icosphere its parent. Then in the icosphere’s object properties you set it up with dupliverts enabled. Then you put the Icosphere inside the large metaball, and thats it.

(For the Dull Gray one)
You Add the icosphere and large metaball. Apply particle properties. Now add one metaball, and in edit mode click the ‘negative’ option. Make the icosphere the parent with duplivert option set. Now add another metaball, but change the metaballs object name so that it won’t be merged with the larger metaball. Now you make the icosphere this one’s parent as well, or duplicate the icosphere and make it the parent (doesn’t really matter that much).

By the way, these were rendered in Yafray.

One day I may make a tutorial if there is enough demand, or my above instructions were not clear.

I think I understand what you did…but a tutorial would be nice anyway. Besides, what else you got to do? I heard you have plenty spare time between midnight and 8 am in the morning everyday :smiley:

Just joking don’t worry, the instructions were good!

Could you make a tutorial for noobs like me to explain a little more? That would be great :smiley: