meta-rig vs modified meta-rig

hello all! I’m having a bit of trouble with my character rig. I’m using the Human (meta-rig) which I modified following the David Ward tutorial on blender cookie. The problem is, when I generate the unmodified rig, it has all the constraints and everything looks fine, but, when I generate my modified rig, half of it shows up, and the rest is separated on different layers and I don’t get the same look as I expected like the unmodified version. I’ve included the file to see if anyone can see what might be going on. This is my first rig btw! Thanks in advance for any help, it’s much appreciated!

Hey what’s going on sliv?

Thanks for the response. Yeah, I did see the tut is obsolete, but was thinking it had something to do with the rig changing since then, as he did have extra bones in his rig that the newer version does not. I actually changed the newer rig to mimic his, but, yeah, like you said, he didn’t go into actually generating the final rig. I think I’ll stick with the newer rig and build off of that. Thanks for your response.

I see that my explanation wasn’t really clear.
David Ward wrote that his tuto is obsolete now, I guess it’s because rigify may be easier to use and rigify didn’t exist when the tuto was published.
Anyway, in his method, he didn’t use rigify and the “generate” button is a feature from rigify.
So, if you want, you can follow his tuto with a recent blender version, it’s not a problem (just take care about the “new” bones as you mentioned) but at the end of the tuto you won’t need to click “generate”, your rig will be usable.
You need to understand that the David Ward’s tuto and the rigify method are two different methods.
If you want to learn rigify, there’s some tutos in the thread from my previous post.

Ahh, ok, I see what you’re saying, that makes it much easier for me then. Thank you my friend.

I’ll check your posts out too, I appreciate your help highly.