Metaball Heads


I was wondering how I would go about creating an effect to look like two heads were melting into each other?
I was thinking it should be easy enough to find a head model I can use on turbosquid or something of that nature, but I’m not sure how to get them to create like a melted goo stretch between the two?

It would almost look like how metaballs create a goo like visual.
Creating a thermo map material should be easy enough to google and create, I’ve created an extremely quick example and attached of what I’m trying to achieve.

Thanks in advance!

there is a modifier that do this type of effect
sorry but don’t remember the name !
may be Cast ?

may be someone else can provide the name

happy bl

I looked up some tutorials on cast and it looks like its based around 1 shape, and you can create spheres or cubes out of that one shape,

not sure it is about melting two mesh objects together, will keep researching though, thank you for your help.

check the warp modifier !

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