metaball like text behavior?

I am trying to create an abstract typographical animation where the text characters join and pull apart in a way simular to metaballs. I really have no idea if this is even possible expecialy with the topography generated by converting type to a mesh. Any ideas or suggestions would be really appreciated.


Boolean modifier. Select the text, click Alt+C and choose Mesh, and then add a boolean modifier to each, putting the other object name’s in the box, and changing the combo box option to “Intersect”.

You may want to do it using a fluid simulation and the text as a control object. The fluid viscocity can be made thick, like honey, and will conform to the shape of the text over time.

Ok, thanks. I’ll try it with fluids. The boolean modifier idea crashes my computer… Thanks for the idea though, I hadn’t thought of that. I am looking for something organic and a higher viscosity fluid shuld work, though it will probably take the rest of my life to bake… so it goes.
If there are any other ideas I would like to hear them. Thanks again.