metaballs aren't working

when I add a metaball to the game it is invisible, even when not running the game engine,
could someone please help?

I dont know why they would not be running outside the game engine…but meta balls are not supported by the game engine. Neither are curves or surfaces. Hit Alt+C to convert to mesh.

thanks, i just need it to appear out of the ge so i can model it, though

have metaballs ever worked for you before? you mean if you start a fresh blender scene and add a metaball, it doesnt appear?

they used to work in this blend file but not any more.

Thats weird…could you post the blend file? That way we could see if there is an obvious solution or it might just be you…

forget it, I can still use them in other blends and i just can’t get it small enough to send, there are at least 100 textures and other junk.

K. If I was you, I would try to import it from another blend or something…