metaballs not rendering fully?

hello i have been working on a logo for a school project, almost had it done…
i rendered it just fine, except for the metaball nuke cloud in the background.
the bottom rendered just fine but all the other pieces didnt even start to render???

they have a volume texture set to them for a smoke cloud effect…
here is the pic and as you can see it isnt rendering properly :frowning:

Maybe turn the density up? failing that use normal surface material and change the transparency levels, maybe change from raytrace to z-transparency under the render pipeline options (assuming you use blender 2.5)

still nothing, thanks for the help though. :slight_smile: it has been maybe 2 weeks since i started i have givin up on this project though.

@zalewskitsf10: i saw your light bulb render and have posted a couple of comments on it but you have to tell me your secrets :stuck_out_tongue: