Metaballs + particles

(Martin) #1

A year or two ago I remember making a load of really cool animations really quickly by combining two excellent Blender ingredients: Metaballs and particles. You can create all sorts of lovely slime effects and also some cool soap bubbles too.

Anyway, I lost the .blend files and the old .avi’s and have just tried to do the same thing and it doesn’t seem to work. I can’t remember how I did it the first time, but I’ve made a metaball, selected it, gone into the animation effects menu but the ‘NEW’ button isn’t there. The ‘NEW’ button appears with all other types of geometry except metaballs.

Is this an issue affecting newer versions of Blender? Any ideas why this isn’t working? Am I doing something wrong?

Cheers for any advice!


(theeth) #2

you have to parent the metaball to a particles system and use dupliverts. Particles system can only be created from meshes.


(Martin) #3

That must have been what I did. Thanks for the speedy reply!