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I was just messing around with metaballs, and i was wondering: does anyone actually use them? If anyone does, i would like to see images. I’ve never really seen them used before.

They are kinda fun to play with ( but i dont really see how theyd be usefull.

(shibbydude) #2

I use them. Here are some images in my gallery:

The last one is modeled with inspiration from the Blender Book. It is used in one of the information sections. The first two rotate as the backgrounds that I use. Metabals are fun. I have also used them with dupliverts to create some water or “goo”.

(emtilt) #3

Nice goo!

(deks) #4

hmm. You must have a strong computer…

(avt) #5


Some metaball examples - look at the Lucent graphics here:

Now these final graphics were actually produced using PVMPOV blobs (same concept as Blender’s meta-balls), but the concept is exactly the same - and I have done similar work with Blender…

Nice to see we’ve passed 100K for real this morning :slight_smile:


Alan Taylor, UK