its posibly to have two metaballs with two diferent materials ? %|

AFAIK, nope.


Yes you can. At least I could in 2.23. If you give them different object names in the Edit buttons window and then assign new material in the same window.


I’m no expert in metaballs, so excuse my primitive questions :

for the metaballs to interact they have to be essentially the same object don’t they. I mean : if you create one, go out of edit mode, then another there won’t be any attraction between the two.
Unfortunately, even in 2.23, metaballs created for interaction, i.e. without going out of edit mode, i.e. as a single object, can’t get different names. And if I give one of the a material in the edit buttons window, the other gets the same material as soon.

Where am I going wrong ?

its posibly what do you say mixin the metaballs?

yes, that is possible, but like IamInocent said, this makes the metaball unable to affect one another.


OK, I concede, I don’t know everything there is to know about Blender, let alone metaballs. But I have used different metaballs of different materials as waterdrops on a surface without the need for them to interact.
English is not F12’s native language and I simply answered his question as he posed it. I’m not as defensive as what I’ve written sounds, I simply want to help a guy who battles with english.

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