metabolic map: high faces count - is there any workaround/way to reduce poly?

I am doing a 3d biochemistry map comprehending some of the pathways students are required to know, and what I wanted to do was to use the BGE to let other people browse it without having to install blneder.

I used 1 subdivision icospheres to represent compounds and arrows derived from cylinders with 8 vertices to represent reactions.
Metabolisms are divided across layers.
When all layers are visible the faces count is 1,426,973
After I added simple movements controls to the camera and tried to navigate my map with all layers visible and it crashes, i think becouse of the poly count since with just one it works fine.

I am still a beginner and I don’t know if there is some workaround or some other way I could remodel the entire thing to run in the BGE viewing all the map at once.


Actually there is a modifier to reduce number of faces: Decimate. But I recommend you to watch this tutorial on how to deal with low poly meshes:

On your Screenshot everything looks pretty small. In that Case I would see no Reason to use any Subdivision at all, you wouldn’t need so much Detail.
However, since you call yourself a Beginner, my primary Question is: Did you apply the Modifier? If you haven’t applied the Modifier via its Apply Button, then the Modifier will slow down your »Game« massively. Always APPLY the Surface Subdivision Modifier.

No, indeed details aren’t a issue at all. I tried the decimate modifier LuisEDB told about, and it works great in making square section shaped arrows from the ones already there. At this point I’ll probably be even more drastic and make them flat.

I haven’t used any modifier at all. I already started doing a map once but bagan making another one from scratch because I had used default spheres and cylinders and by the time I had finished the sugars metabolisms it already started lagging, so when i restarted all over again I knew I had to use simple shapes, I just tought, until now, these were simple enough.

So, if I was interested in moving around, following a single pathway at time or its diramations, is there something like “set view distance” of some videogames? Would be parenting a sphere of some size to the camera to avoid rendering what’s outside be the best way to do it?
EDIT. …kk found the clipping range for the camera. Keeps crashing when it has to render all but the less crowded parts of the map without giving signs of slowdown before it happens, I’ll see if the problem wil be still there when i’ll have replaced all the 3d arrows with flat ones and all icospheres with tetrahedrons.
Thank you for the replies.

For the spheres you can use a holo plane.


Sphere.blend (464 KB)