Metal Bug :: Updated

Here’s a little metal bug I made up for the weekend challenge, but it turned out real nice, so I decided I should post it here too. It’s losely based off of the hunter-seekers from the Dune universe, or at least what I imagine them looking like. Of course I think they hover, so…

Here’s another shot of the bug. I changed some of the shadow lighting around a bit.


The reason that the picture itself isn’t working is that stormpages doesn’t allow direct linking to .jpg images. try

And the insect is very nice. Personally I would have liked to have seen more curvature along the insects body and better leg joints but that’s just me :stuck_out_tongue:

I really liked this. I get tired of cars and girls (3D girls). It’s cool to see bugs! You did some damn fine work. Render looks real good. Can you tell us what your using? Like 2.27? Yafray? Lighting?

Again, kick butt work!

Wriker :Z

It’s all done in Blender 2.27. I’ve got two spots, one for light and one for shadow, a hemi pointed down, a darker hemi pointed up, and 12 lamps circling the bug. All of the lamps are tinted blue. I started setting it up as a standard three light system, but the bug was to dark underneath so I just added some lamps around it. It was a lot mof messing around with the settings to see what looked best. I’m working on another shot of it right now with different shadow lighting. It’ll probably be done today.


Looks pretty good, shiny :). I think that the lighting would work a lot better with a shadow-lamp dome. The bug itself would look more interesting with an environment to reflect.

Nice second shot! I really like the bug! I would never ever presume to tell someone how to change or edit their work of art, however, that puppy is screaming for some wings. You know, the translucent type with a few viens running through them. Again, I’m not trying to tell you what your art should be, but what my impression was looking at your wonderful second render!

With respect,

Wriker :Z

looking cool, does it have a kinda burnished metal finish, I spent ages last week playing with shadow/lights etc and never got close to yours, is he on a table, just 2wondering if the background shoud be a darker shade, behind tabletop?

He’s not really sitting on anything right now. I’ve got a plane under him, butt hat’s only for showing shadows. The material for the bug is just a envmap with csp,cmir,ref, and spec on. (I’ve got two other cloud textures on there, but that’s just to cause some differing colors so it looks more interesting.) The spec is up high and the hard is down low. Make sure you set the mapping style to refl for it to look right.
Stephen2002-I’m working on an environment, but I don’t think it’ll be done real soon. What do you mean by a shadow-lamp dome? Faked GI?


DUde, i like the metallic blue material… really cool!
This bug makes me remember this thing about robots in the discovery channel… hehehe…

The texturing itself looks so perfect that I wouldn’t touch it (kuz i end up messing everything…) excellent… you CAN add some background… that’s up to you…

Hi there! Nice bug 8] Take a look at mine :

nice bug! it looks like a robot, very cool textures

that metal roach kicks arse, it rocks, it’s my idol, that’s what i want to become when i grow up, image it, no one could step on you and kill you. or have it as a pet. very proportioned and it looks like a real roach, no the texture, yes the shape. i like it’s reflection, but wht’s being reflected on his back

Get me some pesticide! :slight_smile: Nice bugs guys! Goo, I think, imo, that it could use some feet(claws, whatever)! the wing would look good too. Bone, get a shoe fast! :wink: Only crittique is that it looks too…blah…in the underside.

On his back … There is nothing, it’s a glass, from his middle secment to top there was 100 ref used but his wings and back part is 100 transparent & 130 refreacted … Thats all