Metal Gear 3 In Xsi ??

METAL GEAR 3 Models IN XSI ?? , i Think it worths the discussion …

why they didn’t makemodels with blender ? lol …

how can I email Hideo Kojima ? lol … :RocknRoll:

what Have I to write , to see in which program a game is made "in search engine "

as example , Resident evil 4 ? …

most games models are done & animated in Max, Maya and/or XSI.

I think your best bet would be to find a site that lists full credits information for games. something like IMDB, but for games maybe? Even then it still might not list technical info like that… Felix is right, tho, those are the biggest modeling tools out there. The number of big studios that use XSI does kindof suprise me tho… i figured most os that work was done in Max

most games models are done & animated in Max, Maya and/or XSI.

it is like saying
most games models are done & animated in 3D modeling programmes .

lol …
how can we know what a specific game was created with .

indeed, we cant :slight_smile:

3d max seams to be over 50 percent from what I’ve seen … thats just a number i pulled out the bum by the way. But when it comes to just low poly modelling the program isn’t to important. The tools are pretty standard across the board from what I can tell. Loop cut and vert pushing mostly and some knife tool possibly.

But the newer gen stuff is becoming extremely dependent on normal map generation. On that front we are kind of sitting around waiting for blender to get the tools to do it properly. I can’t remember if ts max or maya but one of them still doesn’t render normal maps correctly, thought that was strange.