Metal in the bge

Hey all! :eyebrowlift2: I just have a question concerning textures in the BGE. I want to make a nice metal texture for my gun or weapon or whatever. How do i make it look like metal? By that I mean with any old metal texture you can achieve a fake metal look, but it doesnt interact with the light like real metal. Ill post a couple pictures of the things im trying to achieve.

A high, sharp specular setting and specular maps and normal maps give it that look, in general. At least, that’s a point to start with.

That’s what I expected. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t gonna overcomplicate things :wink: Thanks again, SolarLune :slight_smile:

How well are you into materials?
Do you want a GLSL?
Then, I would add a Fresnel shader, perhaps a good gun texture mixed with “Reflection”

Just a quick example (you still have to tweak it)
Model by SPRINTYY (
Texture by Vladimir Jankijevic (


lever shotty (1).blend (1020 KB)

If you want to get a really good look try using a fake reflection, I’ll attach the image I use in my game.

Alternatively you can use a screenshot of your environment. this can look better but you have to change the reflection for each area if you want it to look right. You can also end up with a reflection of something that isn’t there, hence why I prefer a more generic reflection image.

I tend to simulate a Fresnel/tangent shading effect with ramps as well.


piccobello Im still working on my materials skills in the BGE. I do want it to be GLSL. Mattline, how would I incorporate the reflective material into my texture?

@Mattline1 Nevermind, Piccobello’s blend explained it well :smiley: thank you all :slight_smile: