metal lathe

I’m having trouble making a chip come off a metal lathe

If you have ever seen they come off and grow fast. Maybe one meter a second and kinda jiggle.
I would really like it to grow out . But my attempts are sad.

I worked on a CNC lathe years ago. I see what you’re trying to do , but I cant really see how you’re trying to do it… All I see are 3 meshes , a cylinder a spring and a warped cube, It hard to see how you did what you have so far.

but from memory a CNC lathe spits out swarthe like its on a 3 for 2 sale, If this is the look you want i would basically spit out a bunch of small “spring” shaped meshe particles… but I expect you’re looking for the specific effect of “peeling” where the scrap comes off in one single section, and just gets HUGE :smiley:

I’m not sure EXACTLY how you could accomplish this, but I assume it would be something to do with extruding a straight mesh along a bendy spring shaped path…
<thinks about this>
<5 minute later>

create the “spring shaped path” , and bury maybe 50% of it inside the job** then use a curve modifier on a long thin cube or maybe a chevron (to match the cutter*) make sure it has LOTS of edgeloops so it can deform on the curve well…

then use the curves timing offset (in curve properties) to make it “peel***” when you need it to (you could set up a driver to match the rotation speed of the job** ,just make sure the buried curve leaves the job** at the location the cutter* hits it… with 50% of the curve visible, it would be easy enough to hide the “unpeeled” mesh while it is inside the job… then you could use shapekeys, or an armature (I think those work with curves) to make the peel “wobble” like a long gangly spring.

cutter* the black bit in the OP
Job** the big grey bit in the OP
peel*** the spring shaped bit in the OP

just a thought … this COULD be done with a single hair particle growing over time to match the job’s rotation speed

also … are you gonna add sparks? :smiley: I know it wouldn’t spark in the real world… but it could look awesome with sparks and a heat glow when the peel is carved from the job

I’m sorry the image is to show you what you already know. Its for people who do not know what it looks like. That is not mesh to be used.
Some good ideas. I did try a curve deform and did not get it right . Hair never crossed my mind. Im going to do the curve again.
I did OD grinding and metal spray and very little lathe work along time ago.

This is what I did
Thanks for the help. i will try the hair also cause i just want to see what can be done with hair.
Thanks for the help

thats a pretty good setup, lets you adjust the meshes X axis to run along the path. at the same time you could add some kinda modifier to make it move… an idea may be using a soft body deformer cage, so the wire is “bendy”