Metal material (blend included!)

As I was working on my latest picture, I had to make a nice metal material, and since it took ~3 hours of tweaking, I thought I’d share it here, as a downloadable *.blend.
You can see my material and texture settings, and if you want, you can even import it into your own project (Shift-F1).

Here’s a test render, with Yafray:

And a HDRI lighted one:

The blend file, with the textures packed in:


Nice material :smiley:

thanks for sharing that one :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice material. I get the feeling that it will popping up in a few more finished projects before long.

Nice work.

Thanks man. I’ll certainly be making use of it in my current wip.

Now there is a Cube and Sphere that has some value!! I like. Downloaded and saved! Thanks for the cool material

whenever I hit f9 to render in you blend. it closes out with an error.

Try hitting f12 :wink:

umm… I love you.

you just gave me exactly what I needed.

really nice and pro.

thanx for sharing it!

Excellent shader work.


In looking at the blend, I have one question:

What are the .jp files?

I have never seen that extension for images (if that’s what they are). I understand what the base and bump images are for, I was just a little confused as to the point of the and files.

Thanks everyone,
one thing Blender lacks is an included matreial library, if I do get together some other nice materials, I’ll pack them up together and make it available.
Btw, there was an old material library, also made by me, some years ago, it’s probably still floating around in cyberspace, that one only used procedural textures, that was even before Blender had raytracing.

The Orange branch with material layering opens up even more possibilities…

kirpre: don’t know about your end, but here they are .jpg images. Maybe when Blender unpacks them it gives this funky .jp extension? Oh, and the SL at the end of any of my image textures means it’s SeamLess (ie: tileable).

the thing is not an included materials library, so much as an interface to select the aforementioned library.

if blender could have a materials library with a great interface with a thumbnail of each material, (and materials were independant of colour for the large part) then it would be easy and fantastic.


I can’t see the pictures, or download the file. :-?

Agreed, that is one thing that’s really missing.
But I’m no coder, all I can do is the materials, the interface for selecting them awaits a coder volunteer…

btw: my webhost, which I just looove (khm…) deletes every file that isn’t linked to from my website. That’s fixed, so they should be available again.

Is possible to extract the textures from the “.blend” file?

I want to ake a look in the textures just to see how did you do this!

By the way: it is a amazing material!

Okay, I found the little problem, why it creates those weird .JP files!
When you unpack (File>UnpackData), if you select “Use files in current directory”, it will automatically create a directory “textures” where the blend file is, and write the textures there, but NOT with their original names, but the name of the texture block inside the Blender file, which is truncated to 21 characters.
Instead, use the option “Use files at original location (create when necessary)”. This will create a “tex” directory there, with the original texture names. This also answers your question, Mr Kyube.

When I render it in Yafray it shows a simple reflection, and in blender it comes very noisy. After I turn off AO it works pretty well.

Thank you Zsolt! The texture really like sand casting metal with polish, and it would fit to some of my sculpture-like pieces!

Yes, blender is missing material librarys & browser. It would be great if the material preview would reflect to the scene too (i.e. view angle, object, lighting)

I still have that on my comptuer. I had no idea that it was you who made it. let me be one to say thanks.

it’s crazy how far Blender’s come.

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but why don’t I see the texture when I render this in yafray? It works fine in blender, but for some reason there is no bumpmapping or texturing when it’s in yafray. I haven’t changed any settings from the original file either.

Edit: Nevermind, I figured it out, haha.

These are really great materials though!