Metal material (blend included!)

very cool and thank you.

So, what’s with the clock jpg?
Also, out of curiosity, why did you tag “_SL” to the end of each name of the files.

I am just now getting in to textures and materials, and am getting so excited!!!

So neat you can just pack up all the maps and such into one blend file!

I <3 Blender… :smiley:

He already said that…

Amazing texture! Thanks again and again! I’m sure I’ll find a good place to use this.

yea, i’m wondering about the clock too… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe, yeah, the clock face, as I said it’s a material from a recent project (you’ll see it, including the clock, sometime in the finished projects section ;)). There’s this little problem in Blender where you can’t directly delete any datablocks from a file, but after a few saves Blender itself deletes unused datablocks, but somehow this texture was left there…

He already said that…



wow…very realistic
could u tell me how can u make it so that it wont be streched out
all my materials are strethed out

Can you explain what the problem was that caused you not to see the texture in yafray? I am seeing the same behavior and would like to fix it as well.

Yes, I’ve been looking all around totally using 5-6 hours to feature that out when I first use Yafray.

The answer seems stupid: Yafray only support png/jpg mappings.

I don’t get it. The mappings in this model are all jpg. Doesn’t your statement indicate that this should work with yafray then?

very true.
I suggested this in the what I want from …" thread though I don’t know how many devs look into it.
Max has a basic material library, not only can you have some basic built in material libraries but you can make your own too.
With thumbnails for previews.

Also, a neat little option is to have an instant toon version of your material.
It sort of sharpens the contrast, limiting the material to about two basic colours.
Very nice.

Back on topic:
Yes, nice material! Sjanx, much appreciated

This texture kicks! i also agree with a shader library system, allow people to set up repositories, then you just load them into your /$BlenderDir$/textures, and voila never have to remember where all those pesky textures have wandered off to.

o sorry, I’ve mixed up, use tga then.

That did it. I saved the image out to a textures folder and converted one to a tga file. It then showed up in the image when rendering with yafray. That seems to be a very annoying limitation of YafRay. I have to convert all my images to tga when making textures with them? Booo!

does HDRI mean:
High Dynamic Range Image?
I googled it and wanted to be sure if it meant the same thing.


Notice how this thread is over a year old and you brought it back.

Great material. Thanks for sharing it, it will definitely be useful.

that looks crazy good, i love the little indents and bumps.

wow thats awesome :slight_smile: